Nekromantik 1 (englische Version)


Jörg Buttgereit

Nekromantik 1 (englische Version)

Heft, 52 Seiten, s/w, 29,5 x 21 x 0,4 cm, englische Version

ISBN: 9783869590462

7,80 €

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Set 20 years after the events of Nekromantik 2 comes the official comic book sequel Son of Nekromantik! The troubled young gravedigger Eddie tries to reconcile his feelings toward his pretty young girlfriend and his oppressive mother. Will his love of the dead Interfere with his longing for a "normal" relationship? Written by Jorg Buttgereit and Martin Trafford, the question of what became of Monika and her child will finally be answered.

ISBN: 9783869590462
Einband: Heft
Seitenzahl: 52
Abbildungen: s/w
Format: 29,5 x 21 x 0,4 cm (HxBxT)
Gewicht: 160 g
Erschienen bei: Weissblech
Sonstiges: englische Version
Zeichner/Autor: Jörg Buttgereit